Membership Update - 3rd Quarter 2015

We'd like to start with a special shout out to  the OKLAHOMA CITY chapter, who just started their chapter and already have 60 members! Great start Oklahoma City!

Please join us in welcoming the PENDING Chapters that are in the process of getting their chapters started: Boise-ID, Des Moines-IA, Fargo-ND, Grand Rapids-MI, and Lehigh Valley-PA!

The Rochester chapter reached OBSERVING status in the past quarter. Way to go, Rochester!

The National Growth Rate is 26%. In addition to the top 10 (listed below) the following chapters have an above average growth rate: Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Oregon, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco! Keep it up!

We ended the 3rd Quarter with 5500 MEMBERS in over 52 Chapters! Let’s try to reach 6000 Members by the end of 2015! Keep up the great work everyone!!! 

Finally, we'd like to share our top chapters based on number of members and highest growth rate (year-to-date)

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.39.53 PM.png

Congratulations to all of the folks in these chapters working to grow their membership rosters!

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