2018 Midwestern Regional Conference - Recap

The 2018 Midwestern Regional Conference is currently underway, and attendees are stoked about the educational tools and community they've received thus far. But don't take our word for it: 


Rahsaan Grissom, Greater Detroit Chapter Member since 2014, joined the USBG for the education. He was new to the industry, and wanted to learn from more knowledgeable professionals. The informal mentorship and camaraderie that exists within the Greater Detroit chapter is what keeps him coming back for more year to year. 


Rashan Grissom.jpg 

Rahsaan shares his MRC #1 Takeaway:  


"The Green Dot Seminar: Bystander training for bartenders - It was great to be in a room with other industry professionals and acknowledge together that this is an awkward conversation to have, while also acknowledging that this awkward conversation we are all participating in... is a great step forward in our industry."



This year's MRC educational seminars covered topics such as: The Giving Spirit, Practicing Professionalism, and No Italy-No Cocktail and Liquid Legacy. Attendees were also schooled on Rum Classification, Gin, Revolutionary Entrepreneurship, and the Craft of the Bar.


An especially impactful seminar, Green Dot - Bystander Training for Bartenders presented by Kristen Parks, Vice President of Program Development at Alteristic, was an innovative workshop focused on preventing sexual assault through bystander intervention. The workshop equipped conference-goers with the tools to respond when they notice behaviors that could lead to or constitute sexual assault and harassment in their bars. Additionally, they were taught how to engage in behaviors that establish a climate of dignity and respect. 


green dot 4.jpg


green dot 2.jpg


green dot 3.jpg


Finally, USBG members and staff bravely took to the stage to tell stories of a past life and lessons learned during the Storytelling Dinner, sponsored by Diageo.


AND! None of this could be possible without our generous sponsors! 


Their dedication to adjacent education helps make these events a huge success. We appreciate you immensely!

A virtual toast!




See everyone next week at the Southern Regional Conference in Miami.

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