2018 Regional Conferences - REGISTRATION OPEN


2018 Regional Conferences - Late Registration Open!




Regional Conferences provide valuable training and a plethora of networking and social opportunities to meet other members!


Each conference offers a slightly different agenda, based on feedback received from different chapters in those regions regarding topics they want to learn more about:

Advanced Bartending / Spirits Knowledge, Health, Wellness and other Personal Development Skills, Leadership Skills, and Chapter governance. 


Agendas for all conferences will be available at least one month in advance, so check back often!


Here is a sample agenda of what to expect:


SUNDAY                            Registration & Orientation

                                            Welcome Reception and Keynote Address

   Dinner sponsored by Beam Suntory in all five regions


MONDAY                          4 Seminars, Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner*

*Sponsonsored by Amaro Montenegro in the Western, Southern, & Northeastern Regions



TUESDAY                         4 Seminars, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 Storytelling Dinner sponsored by Diageo in all five regions

 World Class Announcement Party in three regions*

*Western Region

 Southwestern Region

 Northeastern Region



WEDNESDAY                    RCC Leadership

                                            MA Testing (Optional)  

                                            Fun Day (Optional)


Each conference will also offer Live MA testing. Be sure to register for your live Spirits Professional Exam, Advanced Bartender Written exam, or Advanced Bartender Practical and get ready to join the elite ranks of USBG members with a Master Accreditation certification! (Pssst... you can also find the Master Accreditation Compendium, a helpful study guide for these exams).

Visit our ONLINE-STORE for more details.



Regional Conference for Member Registration price points are as follows:







$300 ($700 total)



All prices include meals, seminars, evening activities, and (3) nights in host hotel. 








*based on space and availability



Click on the banners below to visit our Regional Conference pages where you will find agenda details and registration information.

Space is LIMITED... So, don't wait! 

There are only three (3) conferences left with availability:


Western Region banner.jpg

Southwest Region banner_SOLDOUT.jpg


Southern Region banner_SOLDOUT.jpg


Comment below with any questions you may have!






Regional Conferences

December 22, 2017 10:09 AM by Clare Marie Tzinski

So if I’m part of one region, but will be moving to a new region next year (after conferences are over) would it be okay if I went to the conference in my “new region”? Seems like a great way to make some connections! 

Conference Networking: A Full-Circle expereince

January 3, 2018 06:13 PM by Alexandra F. Williams

Hi Clare!

Attending the conference in your "new" region would be a fantastic way to make connections with passionate people in your future local community! You could even ALSO attend the conference in your current region as a way to honor and celebrate your "old" friends and community, and have one more bonding experience with many of them prior to your relocation. What an inspiring way to potentially give yourself a taste of the varied gifts and valuable wisdom from two different parts of the country!

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