Amnesty Period -- No Rejoin Fee! -- Chapter Leads Needed!

Are you stoked about growing your chapter, and USBG membership?

Do you desire the golden presence and wisdom of members from Christmas Past to balance out the greenest folks among your crew?

Could your chapter’s membership staying power be even stronger than it already is?

Does your social net extend far and wide, and do you love to cast it?





YES!? YES!!?


We are looking for you! Or your enthusiastic colleagues/friends/collaborators to be a Chapter Lead in a new program launching in September!


In an effort to satisfy Retain of the Membership Committee’s newly launched Recruit, Retain, Reward (RRR) program, from September 15 to October 31, lapsed members will have the opportunity to rejoin without the $35 Rejoin Fee added to their invoices.


Our goal is to get ten lapsed members per chapter to rejoin during these six weeks, an undertaking we cannot manage on our own!


Should you decide that this is a job for none other than your Super Badass Member-Retaining Self (or colleague/friend/collaborator), I’d like you know what to expect while occupying this integral role.


Responsibilities include: 

  • Prep: Attend 60-90 minute Chapter Lead Orientation Aug 29, 2016
  • Promote: Send weekly communications to your chapter’s lapsed members.
      • Time commitment estimated two hours per week for 8 weeks
  • Follow-up: Check-in with lapsed members once a month who have rejoined during the Amnesty Period, find out how they might best feel supported, and help them get the most of their membership (if they want it).
      • Time commitment estimated two hours per month for three months following Amnesty Period
    • Fill out one post-program survey.
      • Time commitment estimated 15 minutes. 

We’ll support you every step of the way!


On August 29th, during Chapter Lead Orientation, you’ll get familiar with the strategies the brilliant Membership Committee members have come up with for Retain of the RRR Program. You’ll meet the other chapter leads that will be taking this project on in their respective necks ‘o the woods. You’ll get to ask questions and share ideas. You’ll get to feel like you’re a part of something big, something we’ve never done before, something ground-breaking and mysterious and wonderful and inspiring!


Whaddya say?

Are you ready for this?


Let us know by filling out this short form.

We’ll get you on the list.

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