Announcing... Winner of the First Quarterly Health & Wellness Award!

Amie Ward


Recipient of 

The Joint Health & Wellness Committee's

First Quarterly Health & Wellness Award


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For her dedication to the well-being of her community, Amie has been selected by the Joint Health & Wellness Committee to receive the first quarterly Health & Wellness Award! Prizes will include $500 worth of wellness gear and gift cards for brands committed to sustainability that have been generously donated by Mr. Mojito and the Modern Mixologist. These gifts are in appreciation of--and intended to further support--Amie's commitment to personal health & wellness. 

We congratulate you for your commitment to healthy living!!


My name is Amie Ward and I am the Beverage Director at r. bar in Baltimore, MD, and Treasurer of the Baltimore Chapter of the United States Bartenders' Guild. I have been working with my community and my bar team of 26 humans to implement healthy living and work/life balance for people in the hospitality field. I do this in the form of teaching free movement classes for the bartending/service body every Monday, keeping healthy snacks on bar for my team, and offering positive lifestyle guidance in our monthly staff meetings and as needed. In our weekly movement class we do activities designed to increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, teach self myofascial release for our specific injuries, and have some fun! My team is also capped at 4 shifts per week to ensure they have 3 days to properly rest and recover for their next round of work. I lead by example at every avenue possible by eating clean (and bringing my meals to work to encourage the same to the team), training for Strongwoman, and playing roller derby for the Charm City Roller Girls.

Over the last few months I was able to tour the country with the Lush Life team, stopping in various cities to explain the critical need for healthy bartender bodies and how to achieve this. We go through nutritional, physical, mental, and emotional health guidance, and do some movement work as well. My inspiration for this comes from my educational background in Kinesiology and Personal Training, and my passion/career as a bartender. As I watched my bartending friends' bodies experience chronic pain and make negative eating and life choices over the last 7 years, I knew something had to change. I first utilized the Bar Institute platform to teach a lengthy class on the subject a year ago, and have been going strong ever since. 

This has finally culminated for me in the form of starting my own consulting business, The Healthtender: Better Hospitality Through Self Care. I have just filed my articles of incorporation, and am now working on my website and marketing tools. I will be testing in the next few months for my Health Coach certification through ACE, and am looking into a Nutritional Coach certification. My goal is to spread the gospel of the healthy bartending body to as many people as I can so we can all stay in this industry as long as possible. I know at 35 I do not want to stop bartending anytime soon, so I 110% practice what I preach.

Check out an interview with Amie on the Show de Vie Podcast w/Mike G!



For brands interested in future tax-deductible sponsorship opportunities for the quarterly Wellness Award, please reach out to for more information.


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