Are You The One?

Are You The One?


The term for the current Nominating Committee members has come to an end. The next term begins January 2016 and ends December 2017. Members will be appointed during the upcoming December 2015 National Council of Chapters meeting.


The Nominating Committee, also known as the NomCom, is charged with soliciting and nominating candidates of all Officers of the Board of Directors. As a Nominating Committee member you will recruit, vet and advance a slate of Board candidates to the USBG Membership for election, in accordance with USBG Bylaws and procedures.


This is an involved process and can be quite time consuming.


The NomCom is composed of members as specified in the Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 8.3:

- Members from the USBG chosen by the National Council of Chapters.

- The NomCom shall preserve the confidentiality of its deliberations.

- The NomCom serves a term of two years.


It is imperative for the future health of our organization that the best candidates step up into the ranks of USBG leadership and that they are supported once elected.


In addition, the 2015-2016 committee began creating an information packet for prospective board members. This project is in progress and will take time to complete.


If you are available for conference call meetings twice a month plus put in an additional minimum two hours of work in between meetings, you might just be the one!


If you are interested, please click on this link and fill out the requested information.NomCom Volunteer Sign-up Form


Your name will then go on a ballot to be voted on by the National Council of Chapters.

Thank you,
Jodi Jordan, NomCom Staff Liaison 

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