Have you ever wanted to contribute to our online community in a more formal way? Do you have ideas, love writing, and enjoy communicating with fellow USBG members? We’re looking for guest bloggers to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles and opinions.

We know you have a lot to say. You’re the crème de la crème in the industry, and we are looking for your specific brilliance.

We want original, exciting, and interesting posts on topics that are relevant to our members, from personal experiences to news and reviews to health and wellness-related topics.


Check out the benefits that come with being a guest blogger for the UBSG:

[ ] An audience of 6,000+ industry professionals
[ ] Receive immediate feedback
[ ] Help others by sharing knowledge
[ ] Become a published author
[ ] Increase your network
[ ] Gain influence
[ ] Establish yourself as an expert in your field


Are you motivated and inspired yet?

Here are some topics to consider:

[ ] Bar Management
[ ] Bar Techniques
[ ] Community Service
[ ] Health & Wellness
[ ] Hospitality
[ ] Cocktails, Menus, etc.
[ ] What interests you?



This is your chance to be a major contributor to our online community! Do you have what it takes to write for the USBG? Please submit a writing sample using this form -- CLICK HERE.

The writing sample must be an example of a blog post that if selected, can be your first post!



Questions? Please contact me at or by phone at 855-655-8724 x115.


I can't wait to read what you've got to share!

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