Chris Cardone -- 2017 U.S. Bartender of the Year

A lifetime of vibrant experiences and months of preparation were palpable at this year's national finals in San Diego, where 15 top bartenders from across the US took to the stage behind the stick, and brought down the house. One judge was so stunned by the performance of these outstanding competitors that she felt her own adrenaline begin to activate seconds before sipping superb solutions.

Only one will advance to World Finals in Mexico City ... 


Chris Cardone!


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It has been an amazing year for the World Class program. Take a glance at what 15 of America's greatest bartenders experienced as they created their World Class cocktails to the prestigious judges, capturing the essence of Challenge.

The impeccable talent, preparation, and personal story was awe-inspiring; I am sure you will feel the same after watching this video!


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2017 World Class U.S. Bartender of the Year

Chris Cardone

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Alexis Mijares

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Allison Buchanan

WC Allison.jpg

Casey Miller

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Cassandra Ericson

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Giancarlo Aversa

WC Giancarlo.jpg

Harrison Ginsberg

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Jonathan Howard

WC Jonathan.jpg

Josh Hiller

WC Josh Hiller.jpg

Justin Park

WC Justin Park.jpg

Nicholas Pascuzzi

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Nic Wallace

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Yael Vengroff 

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