Finalists Prepare For a Trip to Remember in Puerto Rico

We've been on an incredible trip to eight cities, getting to hear and taste 80 creations crafted by some of the finest bartenders from around the United States! We listened intently as each personal Legacy was shared. The Legacies were unique and varied: from pivotable moments in their journey that brought them to a crossroads, how to preserve and act without fear, and of course the backbone of family and heritage, just to name a few. Each person was tasked with creating a cocktail that embodied this Legacy, one that could very well end up alongside one of the many legendary classics such as the Daquiri.

In attendance were our USBG, Local Influencer, and Brand judges, along with USBG Board of Directors at each Semifinal.

So, you're probably wanting to know: who are these talented bartenders advancing to Puerto Rico and Miami?


San Francisco - Luis Ramos

Luis Ramos.jpg

Miami - Peter Hannah

Peter Hannah.jpg

Los Angeles - Chris Amirault

Chris Amirault.jpg

Houston - Chris Morris

Chris Morris.jpg

Portland - Megan Radke

Megan Radke.jpg

New York - Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez.jpg

Chicago - Marlowe Johnson

Marlowe Johnson.jpg


Boston - French Scotty Marshall

French Scotty Marshall.jpg


San Francisco - Christian Suzuki

Christian Suzuki.jpg

Boston - Moe Isaza

Moe Isaza.jpg



The next step of this journey is an educational trip to the distillery, which will be a unique experience for the competitors to be a part of something so much bigger.

Puerto Rico--and the history of Bacardi--have suffered unimaginable trials. With the recent hurricanes, Puerto Rico has encountered devastation and setbacks that one could even compare to the Bacardi family's history of trials. But they both continue to push forward in the midst of hardships. In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as the earthquakes in Mexico, Bacardi Limited and the Bacardí family have committed more than $4.3 million for disaster relief and recovery efforts in the impacted areas, with $2 million being dedicated to Puerto Rico. 

The Casa Bacardi visitor center – the second-most visited venue in greater San Juan – reopened on November 1st, 2017. While it was closed, the staff ran and managed two Emergency Stop & Go community relief centers. These centers provided hot meals, water, cell phone charging stations, medical services, access to government agencies, activities, etc. They also activated mobile relief via caravans to deliver food, water and medical services to 12 of the hardest hit areas across the island. This initiative was called BacardiContigo. Just this past Sunday, Bacardi hosted a Concert & Telethon where all proceeds from the fundraising initiative will go directly to organizations benefiting Puerto Ricans impacted by the devastation. Competitors will, no doubt, spend some of their time giving back to the community, as well as learn about the rich history Bacardi offers in Puerto Rico. 

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