Inaugural T-Shirt Design Contest!

Ahoy, creative folk!

It’s time to get designing!




The USBG’s First T-shirt Design Contest!

We’re looking for a graphic depiction of the USBG’s Mission, History, Legacy, and Core Values:


Our Mission: Uniting the hospitality community to advance professional bartending.

Our History: Fostering collaboration between bartenders.

While the bar industry has exploded over the last 60 years, we've supported individual bartenders. After putting down California roots in 1948, we incorporated as a nonprofit (50 years strong!) and are now active in over 50 cities nationwide. USBG members don't follow trends--we set them, and passionately advocate for bartenders nationwide to do the same.

Our Legacy: Connecting with the communities we serve.

Bars & restaurants are where communities come together. Through national & local charity initiatives, we connect with the neighborhoods that welcome our establishments and the people who we entertain each night. To us, a key part of growing professionally is supporting the communities where we serve.

Our Core Values:

Service * Integrity * Sharing Knowledge * Tradition * Camaraderie


The Specs:

What, in these words, speaks to you?

And, more importantly, can you make them into a sweet graphic that will get printed onto a t-shirt?

  • … In 3 colors or less?
  • … Against any* color you want?
  • … In at least 300 ppi, or in vector format?
  • … Convert all text to outlines?
  • And submit artwork in the actual size that the print will appear?
  • Must include the words United States Bartenders' Guild (or USBG) somewhere legible (make sure the apostrophe goes in the right place…after the “s”)
  • Must include “2017
  • Design dimensions must not exceed 7” x 9” (in either orientation)
  • Design can be for front or back of shirt.
      • If intended for back of shirt, design must include a one-color breast pocket-size graphic, no larger than 3" x 3". Otherwise, we will add a one-color version of the USBG logo to the breast pocket area.

*If readily available from our printer


All qualifying designs will be showcased on for one week, where members can vote on their favorite.

The community's choice will then be printed and available for purchase in the store.

The deadline to submit your designs is: February 28th, 2017 at 11:59 pm Pacific. Any entry received after this date and time will not be included in the voting!


Email entries to:

Got questions? Post 'em in the comments below!


Now get designing, designers! 


T-shirt Designs

February 3, 2017 01:01 AM by Kevan Salkind

Hey, I was just wondering if there was a limit to the number of designs you can submit for consideration?

No Limit!

February 3, 2017 11:06 AM by Alexandra F. Williams

Hi Kevan,

Great question!

Nope, no limit. Design and send 'em on in to your designing heart's content!

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