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It's not too late to enter 2018 Make it Exotico Competition


DEADLINE Wednesday, December 20th 11:59pm PST

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After winning the National 2017 "Make it Exotico" Competition, Megan Deschaine was given the opportunity to visit Guadalajara for an educational experience at Destiladora González Luxco. Megan Deschaine highlights some of her most memorable moments of the trip and encourages you to submit your application today for an experience of a lifetime! 


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Words simply cannot express the gratitude I feel for Tequila Exotico, the Gonzalez family, and the USBG for my recent trip to Guadalajara Mexico...


But I will try.  


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Before my visit, I had what I considered a pretty solid understanding of agave spirits, and the culture as it surrounds them in general. However, while I was in Mexico on this recent adventure, I was escorted through the agave plantations that the Gonzalez family owns (second-largest in the country). There, I was educated on the various soil types, and treatments used to help raise healthy and happy agave. Jorge, the manager of the plantations, shared the passion and the wisdom he's acquired through his lifetime by showing me all of the innovative efforts that he and the distiller have pioneered to most productively study and raise healthy plants. "Good tequila is made in the fields."


Now, for my late-night, favorite reinterpreted story, after tequila tastings. It's about the goddess Mitzli and the creation of Tequila.


They call it blue weber agave (#blueweberagave), because it's blue, and also this dude Weber. But also, have you guys ever heard the mito/leyenda/historia (myth/legend/history) of tequila? No? Well, hey! You're in luck! (Sort of)... 


Here's the Reader's Digest version, as told to me by my awesome guide, Jorge:


So there's this super hot princess/goddess Mitzli (disclaimer: my spelling of Mexican cultural figures may or may not be accurate)... anyway, Quetzalcoatl (#quetzalcoatlmac daddy (birdy) god) noticed aforementioned babe, Mitzli, and is like, #hotdamn, I gotta make her mine. Mitzli returns his "hot damn" sentiment, and everything for their 2000BC romance seems perfect. EXCEPT, apparently Mitzli comes from a rival family of gods and her (apparently b*tchy) grandmother, is like psyche Quetzalcoatl, no se puede...

So for some reason that makes sense to Mexican gods four thousand years ago, and she turns her babe princess goddess granddaughter into a star.... not super cool.

Quetzalcoatl: I see your star and will pull her from the sky, and I raise your tree, in the form of Mitzli, as a tree. And also, just decided, I'm a tree too... As in, I'm a tree now, right next to my BAE Mitzli tree, so that when the wind blows, our super sexy tree branches will brush each other forever...

(Super romantic, right?)

Except! That previously-referenced b*tchy goddess grandmother is all like, hold my pearls, oh no he didn't, and zaps tree Mitzli with lightning, thus shattering her into tiny pieces every which a way. Meanwhile, Quetzalcoatl, heartbroken, painstakingly picks up each of the charred pieces of lightning-struck Mitzli, and plants her... and then she miraculously grows into the plant that we now know as the Agave...

(Still with me?? Cool! This is the fun part...)

At first, the native people were like, sick, a gift from our favorite díos, bro Quetzalcoatl. We can use the leaves of this plant to give ourselves tattoos, to make clothes and heal our wounds, tight. And then, by accident (I suppose?) they realize the super sweet and edible heart of the plant changed with time, and when consumed, they felt, how you say, funny... 



At the agave plantation, I also was given the opportunity to plant my very own agave (lovingly named "Juanita"), who, in about four years' time, will be harvested to create tequila.  I also was shown all the tools that are used to manicure the agave fields, and ultimately harvest and clean them of their "hojas". I was even given the opportunity to try my hand at being a "jimador," carefully using the coa to clean the plant. 


(See my Instagram for a video of this experience, linked below.)


Click for Video

MD Agave vid pic.png


The next day, I was given a tour of the distillery, the only one of which is located in downtown Guadalajara.  The facility started 35 years ago, produces not only Tequila Exotico and El Mayor (which are exported to the States), but also produces the most consumed tequila of Europe, El Sierra.  Given a first-hand look at every step of the tequila production process, I could easily see the care and passion felt by each member of the Gonzalez distillery team.  Another special treat was being escorted through aging warehouses, seeing many barrels that I recognized from bourbon country, and also seeing some special project barrels, like that of Burgundy Chardonnay.  We also visited the Consejo Regulador Tequila, CRT, and saw each of the labs that are used to measure and analyze Mexico's mother spirit at every step of its production.  


MD Barrels.jpg


As the Gonzalez family believes, good tequila starts in the field raising happy, healthy agave.  However, my time there has shown me, that great tequila starts with the passion of great people.  I am just so honored to have been witness to it.  I am already planning my return trip!


MD Agave family pc.jpg

Aren't you inspired!?

Here's that link again:



DEADLINE Wednesday, December 20th 11:59pm PST

Learn more about the competition and local Semifinal cities and dates HERE

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