From the Archives: Lifetime Member Spotlight -- John Burton

Chapter: San Francisco


Employer and position you were in when you first joined USBG?

I was the beverage manager of Los Robles Lodge in Santa Rosa


Why did you originally join the USBG?

I saw their trade magazine and they were very professional. At first it was impossible as it was limited to 100 persons and you had to have a sponsor. In the 1970's I was asked to go to Long Beach from Santa Rosa to meet with a committee. I joined about 1976.


What has been the biggest change in your life since becoming a member?

The early days being associated with Brian Rea, Fred Ireton, Jose Ancona, Jose Ruisco, and Charley Chop.


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How has the USBG influenced your career and your life over the past years?

Always striving to be professional.


Do you have a USBG memorable experience you'd like to share?

I enjoyed the cocktail competitions in the early years and Las Vegas in 2000.


Who has been the greatest influence to you and why?

Brian Rea. He has more knowledge and history of our industry than the rest of the membership combined. He's a true treasure.


Words of wisdom for our new members?

You'll receive back from what you put into the craft. Product knowledge, recipes, service, dress, manners, are all important and be responsible.


Please share some fun facts about yourself that you would like other members to know about you. 

Not sure that's a good idea.  I have catered to US Presidents, state senators, congressmen, local politicians, movie stars and the general public. There are some great stories but that's at another time.


First posted on Febuary 12, 2016

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