Lifetime Member Spotlight: Cesar Sandoval

Cesar Sandoval              

Chapter: San Diego

Cesar has been a member of the USBG since 1977. He was awarded Lifetime Membership in 2011. 

Employer and position you were in when you first joined USBG? 

Catania La Jolla, part of the Whisknaldle hospitality group as a Bartender 

Why did you originally join the USBG? 

As a birthday present to myself and to be involved in the community       

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How has the USBG influenced your career and your life over the past years? 

It has given me the ability to meet new people that share same interest and networking with more people than I ever could.  

Do you have a USBG memorable experience you'd like to share? 

An unforgettable experience that I had was when The Lions Share bar manager/ director David Patrick Tye asked me to be on the homegrown cocktail of the month. I remember when I first started bartending I told myself I wanted to be on that board one day. Then one day at a rum tasting by the USBG, David asked me if I would like to be on the board! I immediately said yes and has been one of the greatest accomplishments in my career (as small as that is) 

Who has been the greatest influence to you and why? 

The biggest influence on me has been Adam Lockridge and Dane Phoneix and Levi Walker. They all have been tremendous mentors and have taught me life lessons that I will never forget! From the simplicity of how to make great mistakes to how to understand certain cocktails and why they work.


Words of wisdom for our new members?     

Never stop learning and don't be scared to make mistakes! Even the greatest bartenders are always learning and looking at new techniques. Don't let people tell you that this isn't a real career. Some people will never understand our passion for making people happy with drinks, food, and hospitality. 

Please share some fun facts about yourself that you would like other members to know about you.  

Music is another passion of mine, I'm the drummer for a band called Æmpire and I feel that music as well with drinks and food pair wonderfully together! I love when fellow bartenders come in and have a great interaction and asking questions and also teaching me on techniques and cocktails they know and have learned around the world.       

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1 Comment

One of the nicest guys

November 5, 2015 01:40 AM by Livio Lauro

I met Cesar at a USBG event in Long Beach in 1999. We have kept in touch since then. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and featuring him this month was a great call!

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