Lucid Cocktail Classique Semi-Finalists Announced!

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Let’s give huge congratulations to the semi-finalists moving forward to the Live Shake-offs. The winner at each regional competition will be invited to compete in the Cocktail Classique Finals in New Orleans. Then each mixologist will have a chance to earn a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience - a trip to the Combier Distillery in the Loire Valley, France, where Lucid Absinthe is made according to traditional French methods.

This competition, sponsored by Lucid, challenged each of our applicants to submit a recipe that used at least ½ ounce of Lucid Absinthe. The cocktails were judged on appearance, aroma, creativity, taste, and ability to enhance, not overwhelm, the botanicals used in Lucid.


These semi-finalists are the top 10 applicants from their respective regions (Western, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast):



Brasserie Du Parc / 12-3pm / March 26th 

Zachary  Gray

Marla Martinez

Amanda Thomas

Richard Bailey

Jonathan Isaac

Chris Morris

Sage Sharp

Lance Cumpian

Colby Poulin

Christopher Lyttle



Venue & Time TBD / April 16th

Ryan Brand

Matthew Lawson

Taylor Mann

Eric Moss

Ashlee Schultz

Logan Mosteller

Peter Hannah

Ryan Stone

Jonathan Canonaco

Shelby  Goelz



Venue & Time TBD / May 14th

Carlos Ruiz

Mike Williams

Monika Ozog

Max Barwick

Timmi Haertwig

Edward Hansel

Benjamin Hash

Iliia Kramarenko

Shae Minnillo

Luke Rose



Venue & Time TBD / June 18th

Caleb Kimbley

Reid Joseph

Christopher Barragan

Kyle Browning

Matt Solario

Carlton Madsen

Joshua  McCaslin

Daniel Pagard

Elizabeth Fanning

Elliot Simmons



Venue & Time TBD / July 9th

Caleb Northlake

Aaron Pollack

Austin Buscher

Bryson  Ryan

Marlowe Johnson

Luke Nevin-Gattle

Miranda Densford

Tyler Hartshorn

Tara Jagodzinski

Mattie Cowan


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