Meet the Makers of Tequila Ocho

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Imported exclusively in the US by Altamar Brands


USBG partner, Tequila Ocho, shares the history of Tequila Ocho, the people who brought the brand to life, and the history of where this tequila got its roots:


Meet the makers: Carlos Camarena and Tomas Estes

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Carlos, a 5th generation agavero and 3rd generation tequilero, and Tomas, the Ambassador of Tequila to the EU, became dear friends over the years through educating the world about high quality Tequila, and began the discussion of creating their own brand together - Something unlike anything the world has seen or tasted in any other brand of Tequila. The brand was officially launched in the US on August 8th, 2008.

Carlos had always recognized and loved the differences and nuances of flavors between agaves that were grown in his family’s many “ranchos” or fields, that varied in elevation, soil content, surrounding environmental factors, etc.

Tomas shared this love- that the same species of the same plant can produce such vast differences in flavor and character, depending on where they were grown. Tomas couldn’t help but see the similarities between the Agave and his beloved wines of Burgundy, and how both natural materials could show such varied flavors and character depending on the “Terroir” from which they came.

Instead of blending Agave from several different fields to produce a consistent Tequila year to year, they wanted to produce a brand that showed the world that “Terroir” exists in Agave just like in grapes for wine production.


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In 2007, Carlos and Tomas partnered to create Tequila Ocho. Carlos and his family, having been in the Tequila production and Agave cultivation business for decades, had access to many different fields (or Ranchos) of Agave spread throughout Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico, from which they could harvest Agave for this new brand concept.

Together, they wanted to produce not only the highest quality, Agave-forward Tequila possible, but wanted to take it to another level by producing a Tequila that was different year to year based on where the Agave were harvested… a “vintage”-style concept like we see in wine production.

The passion and love coming from everyone involved in the creation of Ocho is palpable - the key ingredient in producing one of the finest Spirits in the world.







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