Member Spotlight - Alexis Mijares


 USBG Austin - Chapter President; almost 5 years in the industry


Professional Stats & Vitals: USBG Austin President, 2017 Diageo World Class National Finalist, BARsmarts Advanced Certified, Advanced Sherry Certification


First job: Receptionist at a tanning salon.



First job in this industry: Shot girl on 6th Street (in Austin)


Why this business: I truly love taking care of people and being responsible for their needs. I get to combine both my creative and nurturing sides.


Childhood ambition: Fashion magazine editor


Best part of job: Giving guests their "best" experience or drink. Bonding with my coworkers.


Stress relievers: Dance parties, good food and conversation with friends that I don't get to see enough.


Favorite quote: "What we allow, we encourage." And, "The key to life is not accumulation, it is contribution. "


Alex big table spread.jpg


If you won the lottery tomorrow: Buy my mom and brothers a big house, take my friends to Tulum, eat and drink my way across the world. Pay for all my siblings to go to college.


Pet peeve: When people don't follow through with the things they say they are going to do.


Advice you could offer to others: Say yes to everything that feels rights and don't be afraid to ask questions when they do not. Never be afraid to do the right thing. Have compassion for those around you.


Best advice you ever got: Appreciate the relationships you build and nurture them. Encourage the growth of those around you - there is no competition but yourself the day before.


Best compliment anyone could give you: That I have a lot of personal integrity and compassion.


Riskiest thing you've ever done: Move to Texas with $400 in my pocket and no idea what I wanted to do with my life.


Personal heroes: My mother - she is a life warrior.


Is there something about you that would surprise people?

I've been a pescetarian for a little over 10 years now. And no I do not miss bacon.


How do you turn around a lousy day?

Snuggle my puppy and nap!


Most interesting place traveled & why: Mexico - there is so much vibrant culture and heart within the country. They work hard, party hard, and relax hard - Mexico has life figured out!


What's the simplest thing you've never mastered?

Holding my tongue


Do you have a website, for personal or business reasons?

Instagram: lex.mijares


Favorite part of

Seeing what everyone is up to and connecting with other chapters and their great ideas to continue to build Austin as a great chapter.


Word: Brevity


What other profession would you never try?

Anything that deals with hurting animals.


If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

"I hear you make great drinks, can you make me a drink?"


Anything we missed?

I have the coolest little chihuahua named Rico Suave.


Small dog.jpg


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