Member Spotlight - Emory Blackstone

Minneapolis, St. Paul; 29 years in the industry





Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?

I grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a huge back yard where my parents grew a huge garden with all kinds of flowers and vegetables to view and enjoy. I grew up going to the first magnet school in Minnesota, which was an amazing experience taking classes in Spanish, TV Production, and cooking. In sixth grade we traveling to Mexico for a month learning about the history and stayed with a family for 2 weeks which formed some of my fondest memories and my love for Mexican food and drink!


Favorite childhood memory?

Spending days in the garden of my grandparents, helping my grandfather, and then cooking a meal!


Where do you work & what do you there?

I have worked for a family-owned and operated distributor in Minnesota named Johnson Brothers for the last 12 years. I currently manage the Craft Spirits Division for our company identifying opportunities within our portfolio and the market, then I seek and find spirits that make sense. We currently work with eight local distilleries, and 24 regional and international small production spirits and brands like Filthy Foods.


What is the most rewarding part of your career?

The people I work with and the brands we represent.


What is your favorite bartending moment?

This is a tough question, I have not been behind the bar in a long time! I miss being behind the bar; there is so much excitement in serving customers and watching their reactions to a new cocktail or flavor profile.

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What do you do to relax outside of work?

Cook, drive our 1937 Chevy, go for walks with the dog!


Tell us about your dream vacation

My dream vacation is happening! My wife and I are going to Rome and Florence for two weeks this year!


Favorite quote:

Do onto others and you would have them do onto you! Treat people like you want to be treated!


Advice you could offer to others:

Life is an amazing journey remember to stop and tell people why you love them!

Live life to the fullest!


Who do you look up to and why?

My father. He was an exceptional person, always donating his time to help others out and was never afraid to tell people how he felt about them!


Tell us something unusual or unique about yourself that we might not know.

I use to have hair on the top of my head and would get perms in the 80's! Flock of Seagulls!


What does the future hold for you?

Creating lasting memories with friends and family!

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What is your favorite word?



What turns you on?



What other profession would you like to attempt?



What other profession would you never try?

Tightrope walker


What personal attribute of yours do you most appreciate?



If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

"What's up brother, good to see you! All your family and friends are waiting for you!"


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