Member Spotlight - Rebecca Morrow


Rebecca Morrow; USBG Greater Detroit; 15 years in the industry


Professional Stats & Vitals: Bar Manager & GDUSBG Secretary


First job: Busser, Dishwasher & Host


Best part of job: The fast pace and constant evolution is a welcomed challenge.


Stress relievers: Bonfires, gardening, crafting, baking, playing team sports like volleyball and soccer.




If you won the lottery tomorrow: My husband and I will fly to Seattle to eat a Rocco's.


Pet peeve: Beating around the bush. Be direct.


Advice you could offer to others: Be fair and kind to others. Especially when driving to an interview, you never know who you cut off.




How do you turn around a lousy day?

Hanging out with the King of the house, Baby Leo, my cat.


What's the simplest thing you've never mastered?

Spelling, ugh!


Do you have a website, for personal or business reasons?




Favorite part of

The way the people around me challenge me to grow and support me.


Sports team:





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