Member Spotlight - Sir Raminand Ong

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USBG New York; 12 years in the industry


Nicknames: Ram


Professional Stats & Vitals: Chili's for 3 months then TGI Friday's for 5 years (Both in the Philippines) and Bar Anticipation in NJ for 6 years and counting.


First job: I started working for Chili's bar wherein I was trained as a server then promoted as a bartender.


Why this business: I was influenced by my dad when I was young. He used to bring me to the Westin hotel in Manila to play golf and tennis during the weekends. From there, I was fascinated with the elegance of the place and told myself that when I grow up, I wanted to be in this industry. Another one was when my grandparents brought me to the cruise trip and from there, I have seen what and where this business can take me.


Childhood ambition: My childhood ambition was to move to the States, have my own wonderful family and have my own place.


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Best part of job: Besides the money, I get to meet a lot of beautiful people especially the ladies oh yeah =)


Stress relievers: Making myself a nice home-cooked meal and of course getting together with my cool friends.


Favorite quote: "Whoever humbles himself will be exalted and whoever exalts himself will be humbled."


If you won the lottery tomorrow: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would get my own place and make sure to have enough room for people who helped me when I was just starting my career. I would also make sure to get myself a dog, either a French Bulldog or a Jack Russell Terrier.


Pet peeve: I dislike humblebraggers.


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Advice you could offer to others: Do not dwell on the past. Thinking what you could have or should have done. The only time to look back is in the mirror of your car.


Best advice you ever got: Master the basics. I learned this when I started to flair and pretty much applied it in my daily life.


Best compliment anyone could give you: You have guts.


Riskiest thing you've ever done: When I moved to the States with my 2 luggages and some prize money which I won from bartending competitions.

Personal heroes: My grandparents


Is there something about you that would surprise people?

That I am a good masseuse, too!


How do you turn around a lousy day?

I count my blessings instead of sheep.


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Most interesting place traveled & why:

When I kayaked the Colorado River, because I am always fascinated by nature. When I did it, it reminded me of the times I faced my challenges in life and how rewarding hard work can be.


What's the simplest thing you've never mastered?

Making a coffee.


Do you have a website, for personal or business reasons? Share it here!

Follow me on instagram: @Sir_Ram_Ong


Favorite part of The Shake It Up flair competition.


Sports team: The Money Mayweather Team


Joke: I dont have one but I have a funny moment. So I was sent by my old company to Boston for a bartending competition. Since I was new to the country, I did not know that time that Football is taken here very seriously. So I was wearing a GIANTS jersey and walked the streets with my usual smiley face. I noticed that people were giving me the weird look. Good thing I did not go to the bars that night lol.


Word: Bonjack - I came up with this a year ago. It has no meaning.


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If you could change jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be? 

Anderson Cooper


What other profession would you never try?

Flight Attendant


If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Welcome to my kingdom Son!


Anything we missed?

Thank you USBG for the feature. More power!


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