Member Spotlight - Will Isaza

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Will Isaza, Boston; 8 years in the industry


Professional Stats & Vitals: Current Bar Manager of Blossom Bar at Sichuan Garden. Five-time USBG Shake It Up Flair Division Finalist. First Competitor to advance to Classic and Flair Division. Bacardi Legacy National Finalist 2017. Diageo World Class Regional Finalist 2018.


First job: Temple Bar in Cambridge, MA as a food runner/busser.


Why this business: I naturally enjoy speaking with people and found that this job allows for me to meet a different person every single day, which you can't say so about most other industries. Information Technology was not for me, and being a part of this industry at a young age allowed for me to make the easy transition.


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Childhood ambition: Travel the world. (I'm getting there, haha)


Best part of job: Interacting with guests on a higher level than just food and beverage. I obviously enjoy having conversations about cocktails, spirits and food, however having the opportunity to change someone's day and having the guest leave your bar with a smile and a memory is by far the best.


Stress relievers: Any sort of workout, including practicing for Flair Competitions. Yes it's a hell of a workout. Concerts, shows, or anything related to music.


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Favorite quote: Probably the entire Invictus poem by William Ernest Henley. It reminds that the only person stopping me from achieving my goals is myself.


If you won the lottery tomorrow: I would travel from country to country visiting the best bars they had to offer while bringing as many people I could with me.


Pet peeve: Cleanliness. Wipe down your station!


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Advice you could offer to others: It doesn't matter how much you think you know about this industry or the world of spirits and cocktails, there is always something else to learn. Be humble and offer your knowledge to as many people as you can; it'll only help our industry grow.


Best advice you ever got: Be humble and if you're not enjoying what you do for a living, what's the point.


Personal heroes: My brother and parents.


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Favorite part of

Creating a network for bartenders to interact with anyone in the country and making connections with industry professionals that would otherwise be very difficult.



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