MIB Finalists Share Their Secret Ingredients with GQ

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What's your "Go To" ingredient when creating a cocktail? That ingredient that takes the glass to a whole new level. For our MIB competitors, Imagination is key! They shared the secrets to their success with GQ Magazine. Take a look at which ingredients stirred their creativity! 

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Luis Hernandez - Coriander Seed

Andrew Lue - Salt

Annie Williams Pierce - Shiso-Infused Olive Oil

Timo Salimaki - Ginger Juice

Collin Nicholas - Edamame

SeongHa Lee - Herbal/Root Tinctures

Chris Morris - Celery Bitters

Eddie DiDonato - Vinegar

Brittney Olsen - Shiitake Mushroom

Eric Jeffus - Garam Masala

Adam Robinson - Egg Yolk

Brenda Terry - Tincture Spray

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 To read the GQ article and learn more about why these ingredients inspire them, 

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