New Board Position

The USBG is fortunate to have so many extraordinary volunteers and staff who dedicate their time to the success of this organization. Over the past 5 years, the USGB has experienced significant advancements, growing from 800 members to over 6,500. David Nepove, who served as National President from 2011-2016, is one of many people to credit for this astonishing growth, but thanks to his dedication and leadership, chapters continue to form in all parts of the country.

As our newly-elected officers settle into their roles and we begin to focus our attention to the USBG, there are times when we may need some extra insight and guidance to ensure that we are taking the best course of action and steps forward for our guild. During the 2017 Board of Directors Retreat, we created a new role entitled "Special Advisor to the Board," crafted for an individual with special experience or qualifications to support the Board’s work for the year as a non-voting member. They will serve a one-year term.

After a secret ballot, we are thrilled to announce that David Nepove will serve as the preliminary Special Advisor to the Board for the 2017 year. We are very grateful for his continuous contributions to the Board of Directors and the USBG, and look forward to having him serve in this leadership capacity throughout the next year. 

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