Queers Makin' Beers -- Adventures in Homebrew


It started with a right-swipe. 

We had pizza, made magnets, and met with a handful of East Bay (California) queers excited to learn about homebrew. 

A sucker for intentional social gatherings, especially ones with project-oriented collaborative goals, Queers Makin' BeersTM had me at first pint.

Already a home-fermentation/Sandor Katz fangirl, brewery geek, and culinary crafter, Queers Makin' BeersTM - Sacramento felt like a natural next step.

At first, I was hesitant to pour more of my energy into another startup.

Two weeks later, after a manic Wednesday of weighing the pros & cons and sleeping on the decision to move forward with the group, the Queers Makin' BeersTM - Sacramento (QMBS) Meetup was born.

In the week following the launch & approval of the QMBS Meetup, 14 Beer Queers had joined our ranks.

The calendar was populated with planning days, brew days, and brewery tours, and the event RSVPs kept rolling in. This Meetup was clearly filling a need right here in my own Sacramento community.

Shortly thereafter, I acquired a mountain of homebrew equipment from a friend, ordered a beginner-friendly brew kit for a Belgian Wit from William's Brewing, and got to work one balmy Sunday afternoon in my backyard. 

In less than four weeks, we have had three official QMBS Meetup meetings, each with 5-6 Beer Queers in attendance: one initial meeting at a brewery, the second to taste the Belgian Wit after its primary fermentation had ended (the verdict: tastes like a (flat) Belgian Wit! SUCCESS!!), and finally, to rack & bottle the four-ish gallons of beer I had made 18 days before. 

I'm excited to watch things grow in Sacramento (yeast bubbles, queer community), to partake in all kinds of social and fermenty experiments, and to share my experiences along this journey right here in my USBG etherspehere. 

Our next brew date is quickly forthcoming; a handful of beginning brewers will try their luck (and sanitiation skills) at Belgian Double in someone else's backyard.

I'll let y'all know how it goes!





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