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Chris Seney; 4 years in the industry


First job: My first industry job was the World of Beer in South Tampa. A busy craft beer bar blocks from water and The University of Tampa.


Why this business: Every day is a new day. A new product, a new customer or a new item on the menu. Going to work knowing that I get to work with awesome people and often meet some of the greatest customers.


Stress relievers: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! I have easily watched every episode a dozen times.


If you won the lottery tomorrow: Bye Felicia! Time to travel the world. First stop would be Pablo Discobar in Iceland. I don't know, I just love that name!


Advice you could offer to others: Love what you do or go do something else.


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Best compliment anyone could give you: "You have a great a beard!" I hear it all the time and it never gets old.


Is there something about you that would surprise people?

I have five brothers!


Most interesting place traveled & why: I love New York City. It is such an interesting city with so much culture at your fingertips. There is never a dull moment when I visit.


Do you have a website, for personal or business reasons? Share it here!

No but you can go follow me on Instagram: @imbibecraft


Favorite part of

I actually just joined a month ago and I have already met so many great industry peers in Columbus. It has been a great experience and I look forward to the rest of the year.


Sports team: Tampa Bay Lightning


Word: %$*#


If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

"Make me that Old Fashioned you make at home."


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