Sneak Peak into Marketing Campaigns for USBG Legacy Competition

After arriving back home from an impressionable trip to Puerto Rico, each finalist was inspired to say the least. Take a short glance of the distillery tasting and tour. 



Upon arriving home finalists quickly focused on perfecting their branding, pop-ups, and putting their special touch on the marketing plans. In one week exactly, each competitor will be in Miami getting ready to present their Legacy on the big stage. One day prior, they will arrive at the Bacardi Headquarters to share their Marketing Plans. This score will be added to the final Legacy cocktail score and we will have a winner that heads to Globals!



Each competitor has put so much work into not only their cocktails, but into these marketing plans. We thought we would share a small highlight of each:


Megan Radke

As the only female who has made it to the US Finals, Megan has taken flight with her cocktail The Tin Goose to break down barriers old and new. She celebrates the Cuban heritage of the rum, has named her cocktail after the plane which took Americans over to Havana and Santiago during Prohibition to “bathe in Bacardi,” and both endorses and shines a spotlight on fierce lady bartenders everywhere!

Megan Radke logo.jpg


Luis Ramos

Luis Ramos has proved that through gathering a group of bartenders, lawyers, and non-beverage industry people to volunteer at the local food bank, hosting pop-ups at various bars in San Francisco and Oakland, and distributing his cocktail in custom vessels along with his "Keep Puerto Rico Great" stickers, "Mis Recuerdos" is more than just a cocktail. "Mis Recuerdos" is a means of bringing people together, making new memories, and creating a sense of family. 

Luis Ramos logo.png


Moe Isaza

Poderoso. A cocktail inspired by family and home. Using our past to impact our present as a way to enhance our future.

Moe Isaza logo.png


Christian Suzuki

It is hard to walk around San Francisco without seeing the word "KAGANO." KAGANO pins decorate shirts and aprons. #KAGANO can be seen on hats floating through bars and around the city. KAGANO is in a slushy machine. KAGANO is in the Brunch Punch Bowl. KAGANO has a non-alcoholic form at Dandelion Chocolates. KAGANO was featured at Sonoma's Martini Madness event. KAGANO is drawn on specials boards. KAGANO is popping up in Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Sonoma, and Seoul. KAGANO is untameable. KAGANO doesn't give up, just as Christian Suzuki hasn't given up on his goals and dreams and is living true to the mantra that his grandmother passed on to him. KAGANO is alive and well in San Francisco.

Christian Suzuki logo.png


Marlowe Johnson

The Silverhand is more than a cocktail, it’s a collaboration — a refined reimagining of a forgotten classic surrounded by an archive of handcrafted objects and treasures.

Marlowe Johnson logo.jpg


Chris Amirault

Chris Amirault has been busy spreading the #armonia message with an emphasis on artistic collaboration. A special event was held at Lost property in Hollywood, featuring musicians Henry Canyons and Mike Rossi, and illustrator Marlo Adelle. Each offered up an artistic expression of what harmony means to them. Bringing people together to celebrate their cultural differences is the heart of the Armonia message, a charity event to help those in Puerto Rico who are still dealing with the aftermath of last year’s hurricanes is planned. The goal was to raise enough money to provide generators to those in areas still without power. 

Chris Amirault logo.png


French Scotty Marshall

Bringing lively, tropical vibes to the mainland through vibrant, colorful videos, social media posts and a website that launched a journey to the birthplace of the Coki Beach Daiquiri, explaining what's in it, how to make it, & where & how to enjoy it.

French Scotty Marshall logo.jpg


Peter Hannah

“Pete Hannah’s campaign has consisted of traditional print media, podcasts and social media platforms. His inability to serve his drink at his own bar meant he has relied on the global bartending community to showcase his recipe in Australia, South Africa, Europe and USA.”

Peter Hannah logo.jpg


Luis Hernandez

"Promoting sustainability and zero waste concepts through social media and long-term partnerships with bars, bartenders, and chefs."

Luis Hernandez logo.jpg

Chris Morris

Chris went beyond the scope of the contestants in previous years. He hustled his way into on & off-premise accounts. Worked closely with the local sales reps and created POS that was out of the norm for most competitors.  Regalo means "present/gift" - his gift for everyone was the Regalo Cocktail. He added Regalo-scented candles, along with basil seeds, for us to add bite of a green thumb to the earth!


Chris Morris logo.png



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