Staff Spotlight - Jodi Jordan, Director of Finance and Administration

What roles do you play/hats do you wear in this position? (keep it clean, folks!) 

I’ll try to keep it brief and not bore everyone. I'm sure it's pretty dry to most people but I love what I do. As Director of Finance & Administration I am responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of the Guild and develop the preliminary budget. Additionally, I am responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of the USBG National Charity Foundation. I am also the Human Resources staff person and supervise and manage staff as well. I work with Aaron and the Board on developing policies. As part of the administrative team, I also serve as staff liaison on committees and task forces.


How long have you been on Staff and/or involved with the USBG?

In January of 2013 I was hired as a consultant and as full-time staff that August so it has been four years.


Where do you live?

I have lived in California my entire life; from Los Angeles up to the Mendocino Coast. I settled in the Sacramento Valley and consider it home.


What's it like working remotely?

Working remotely is fantastic. Before working for the USBG I commuted, sometimes up to 3 hours a day. I did that for about 10 years. Working remotely allows me to be home with my 3 dogs (Roxie, Nash, and Katie) and 2 cats (Lily & Tiara). I also have 5 chickens (Nutmeg, Opal, Pearl, Alice, & Lemon). And, since I work from home, I also have started fostering dogs. I’m on my 3rd (well technically 4th since Katie was a foster failure). Finn and Luigi found their forever homes and I currently have Rose with me who is patiently waiting for a person to call her own.


Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 4.48.31 PM.png

Roxie, Nash, & Katie cheesin'


Got any hobbies?

I’ve been a gym-goer most of my life and last summer I started Olympic Weightlifting. Pretty proud to take that up at my age and I’m having a blast. Other hobbies I enjoy are gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, reading, and watching garbage TV to clear my mind. Oh, and I recently started some crafty blanket-making to raise money to help rescue dogs.


What's your favorite drink?

I’m not much of a drinker. I probably drink more coffee and caffeinated beverages than anything. If we’re talking spirits, I love gin. Pretty much any drink with gin is my favorite drink.


Any recent work-related accomplishments you're especially proud of?

Finally got the year-end financial report completed.


Any recent non-work-related accomplishments you're especially proud of?

I guess this is recent since you never stop being a parent. I am most proud of my two amazing children, Russell and Helena. I am a single parent and raised honestly two of the best people I know.

                                                      Me and my kiddos copy.jpg


What's your favorite self-care practice?

My daughter used to work for Lush Cosmetics and I got hooked on their products. Favorite self-care is a bubble bath.


How do you transition out of Work Mode and into Not-Work Mode?

The only way I can transition out of work mode into non-work mode is to leave my office and shut the door behind me. Sadly I often walk right back in.


Tell us a story!

I belong to my local Pets Lost & Found Facebook group. Back in November, right before Thanksgiving someone posted that there was a hen roaming around their neighborhood. She appeared to be thin and we have coyotes in the area so an effort was made to catch her. I offered to have her join my flock if she was caught.. and she was, and she did. Alice, as she is called after the name of the street she was found on, made fast friends with my other hens. She is very smart, much smarter than my other 3 hens that came from animal rescue. Those 3 were former layers for a factory farm. They lived most of their lives in cages and had their beaks cut off. I'm happy I can provide a comfortable place for them to live out their lives. But, they just don’t have the instincts that Alice does. About two months ago I saw Alice up in the lemon tree that hangs over my fence from my neighbor’s yard. I was trying to get her to come down and go into the coop with the other hens but she would have none of it. When I went to lock them up for the night, she was in the coop… but I had just seen her in the tree. Turns out, it was another random hen in the tree. Not Alice. So, this hen has stuck around and joined my flock as well. Obviously I’m talking about Lemon.

The Gals copy.jpg


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