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2017 Tequila Immersion Tours

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There are three more 2017 tours left in the USBG Tequila Immersion Tours sponsored by Patron! This program offers monthly Educational Tours that offer an in-depth tequila category education! 

Here is what some of our past attendees have said about this awesome experience...


I just got back from the Patrón Tequila Immersion Tour. It was an amazing experience. The insight I gained about tequila, its production and how Patrón sustainably integrates with and directly works to benefit the farmers and people in the surrounding communities was invaluable. ~ Adam Freeland



My eyes have been open and my brain and belly have been fed. 'Til next time! Thank you, Chris Spake, for taking such great care of us and sharing the true story of Patron. ~ Joymar Herrin



I'm honestly still reeling from this beautiful trip this past week to the Patrón Hacienda, but thank you so much to Patrón and the United States Bartenders' Guild - USBG for this incredible opportunity. From the hands-on education to the unforgettable hospitality, to the other beautiful people you brought together for this tour from all over, I'm still amazed that I got to be a part of such a perfect event, and I will never forget it. Especially because, thanks to this gift (pictured), I'll BEE in Mexico forever.
If you haven't applied to go, apply NOW.  ~ Chelsea Gregoire





Tequila Patron distillery tour. Learned about differences of Tahona process, roller mill process. Watched whole process. ~ SeongHa Lee


How lucky are we to be in this industry? An industry that values education, camaraderie and community services ... Opportunities like this are exactly why I am a member of, and huge supporter, of the USBG. ~ Skipper Bonano


This post came from Francisco Alcaraz himself in gratitude for the Charity Work involved in this program...


Hola #USBG Hacienda visitors, I was so happy to meet all of you this week. We take great pride in what we do here at Patron, but you all have exceeded our greatest expectations with your charity work. We are so proud of all of you, and to be associated with our local charities. We thank you all so much and look forward to expanding our work in Atotonilco. 







Do you want to experience this in person? Just follow the simple steps below for a chance to land yourself in Jalisco on one of our remaining monthly trips!

October 9-12

November 6-9

December 4-7


FIRST, are you a full-time bartender of bar manager?  Yes? Great, that's step one! Our 2017 Tequila Immersion Tours sponsored by Patron offers an opportunity for bartenders and managers to participate in an in-depth Tequila Education from the field to the bottle!  


Guests will experience:

    • A hands-on education in the fields learning about Agave Sustainability

    • How Tequila Patron is made in a tour of every step of production presented by Francisco Alcaraz and the Master Distiller team

    • Barrel select blending

    • A fully immersive training, including classroom coursework

    • Tequila tasting lessons


NEXT, you must complete the Academia Patron Master Class to qualify for this trip. If you have not already completed this Certification Class, please go to www.academiapatron.com and follow the directions posted below:


  • At the bottom of the Page Click Sign Up.

  • On the Sign Up page, enter the password Burdeos which will advance you to the registration page.

  • You will be prompted to enter your information and create a personal password.

  • Complete the test at the end of each module to advance to the next module.

  • Once you have completed all modules, you will be able to download and print your certificate!


THEN, click the link below to start your journey with the application below. All applications will be blind judged. You will be contacted with results within three weeks.  Good Luck!


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