:::UPDATED 12/21/15::: The Year of the Red Fire Monkey, and Other Growth-Oriented Announcements

From the desk of the Membership Committee


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We are excited to bring the USBG up to date in one area of growth that has been particularly lacking since 1948: membership dues!

Membership dues for the USBG have not increased, to our knowledge, at any point in the 67-year history of the organization. $100 in 1948 adjusted for inflation would be $1,003.47 today! If we were to adjust for inflation from the start of the millennium (and the beginning of the modern organization), current dues would be $139.51.


Q: So. How much are we looking at for 2016?

 A: Glad you asked! The USBG Board of Directors has set the 2016 Membership dues at (see details about each membership type here):


Hospitality Professional - $125 per year

Associate - $150 per year

Enthusiast - $150 per year

Rejoin Fee- $35 (applies 90 days after expiration)



Q: Great! I’m in! When will I need to pay again?

 A: Your expiration date is set 1 year from your join (or rejoin) date upon payment of dues.


Q: What happens when my membership expires?

A: Upon your expiration date, your membership type will be downgraded to a 30-day grace period. You will still have full access to the site and counted as a member during this 30-day grace period.


Q: …and after the Grace Period?

A: 30-days after your expiration date, your membership will be downgraded to Guest. You will no longer appear on chapter reports as current, and though you can still log-in to the site, you will no longer have access to any open communities. 


Q: …And if I don’t renew within 90 days of my expiration date?

A: Any payment of dues more than 90 days after your expiration date will be considered a “Rejoin” and your expiration date will reset to one year from the Rejoin Date, and you will incur a $35 rejoin fee.


Q: I’m not down with this sudden dues increase. Can I pay $100 and call it even?

A: No, but you CAN have a $25-off discount code if you purchase your renewal between January 1st, 2016 and February 15, 2016!

The secret code is: EARLY2016


Q: Yes! I love discounts (and $25 in my pocket)! How do I get the code?

A: Great! All members will receive the code by January 1, 2016 via email. Keep your eyes peeled! (This might be a good time to check that the email address you have listed in your profile is valid and up-to-date.)


Under the influence of elemental Fire and the Monkey's fixed element of Metal, it's an era of building, creating and forging ahead. We look forward to the growth and service opportunies these dues increases will provide! 



If you have any questions about your membership, dues increases or otherwise, please reach out to Alexandra Williams, USBG Membership Coordinator, at awilliams@usbg.org or 855.655.8724 x 115.





The USBG Membership Committee

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