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The Guild will hold a LIVE TOWN HALL MEETING in efforts to create an opportunity for everyone to come together face-to-face to talk about real matters happening in our community, giving members a real chance to use their voice; ask questions; start an open dialogue with other members, leaders, the national board and staff, etc.

The first of these meetings will be held in New York on Monday, June 11, the day before Bar Convent Brooklyn opens. Details on the location and time are coming soon, but the meeting will also be available via the Internet and recorded for those whose schedules conflict with joining the live event to catch up with on demand. As a kickoff to this new means of connecting with our members and communities, we will use this blog on to update our members as details of the meeting are ready for release, and to gather a pulse of what questions our members are most interested in having answered in this dynamic environment. This is the first of what we hope will be a regular opportunity to host an open and interactive dialogue with our members, and within the communities we live and work in.

Stay tuned… This blog will be updated as details are confirmed!


Look at what we did at five regional conferences




Leadership Forums were held at all five conferences welcome to all attendees to review a new goveranance model which will allow the organization to make the national-to-chapter evolution needed to bring our structure into alignment with best practices for professional associations of similar size and scope. These changes will empower more independence and support for leaders at the chapter level by establishing a chapter board of directors-- A group of seasoned local leaders who do not need to make the daily commitment of operations that chapter officers do, but instead will meet approximately quarterly to guide the strategic vision of the chapter, and support their election of chapter officers to the positions they have the skills and talents to execute on a yearly appointment basis.

This chapter board will:

  • Serve three-year terms, rotating 1/3 of the board every year to prevent systemic “brain drain” of losing an entire leadership team at once.
  • Include the formation of regional councils, appointed by each of the chapters in a region to support the volunteer needs of those leaders, as well as to serve as an effective advisory body to the national board and staff.

The national board will make reflective changes as well, letting nine elected board members to focus on the needs of the entire organization, rotating 1/3 of the board for election each year to similarly limits loss of experience and context. Many more details of these changes will be shared in the months ahead, as we continue to collect feedback from leaders and members to help the USBG tackle the constantly evolving challenges that a not-for-profit professional association faces in our modern landscape.


Some other things we've been up to this year at our Regional Conferences




An especially impactful seminar offered at several of our Regional Conferences, Bystander Intervention Training for Bartenders presented by multiple Senior Trainers at Alteristic, is an innovative workshop which focused on preventing sexual assault through bystander intervention. The workshop equipped conference-goers with the tools to respond when they notice behaviors that could lead to or constitute sexual assault and harassment in their bars. Additionally, they were taught how to engage in behaviors that establish a climate of dignity and respect.

The Green Dot Violence Prevention Program is supported by a number of the hospitality industry’s committed supplier partners: Bacardi, Beam Suntory, Campari America, Diageo, Edrington, Samson & Surrey, William Grant & Sons, and more are signing on to the initiative.

If you are an industry supplier, distributor, or employer and you want your organization to support these efforts to expand the hospitality community’s capacity to prevent and respond to power-based personal violence, like harassment, sexual assault, and bullying... Please use our Contact form and select “Partnership/Program” to share with us how you’d like to support!



The Guild also recently released a Policy Against Harassment:


The United States Bartenders’ Guild (referred to in this Policy collectively as the “Guild”) and the USBG National Charity Foundation (referred to in this Policy collectively as the “Foundation”) recognize the inherent worth of every person and group, and strive as part of their mission to foster dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and embrace diversity. For these reasons, the Guild requires all Members of the Guild and all Officers and Directors of the Guild, the Foundation, and Chapters of the Guild to abide by this Policy Against Harassment. This Policy Against Harassment applies to all attendees (“Event Attendees”) of all Guild, Foundation, and Guild Chapter Activities including meetings, conferences, programs, or other events conducted, sponsored, co-sponsored by the Guild, Foundation, or Chapters of the Guild (collectively “Guild Activities”).

To find our policy on,




What a shame.

May 18, 2018 03:56 PM by Phil Albee

This blog post appears to have been written by someone barely literate. Such an important topic deserves better treatment.


Aside from the poor grammar, key information is not clear. Maybe some other author should take a shot at explaining what's going on.

Previous Comment

May 18, 2018 03:59 PM by Phil Albee

Referenced only the post regarding the changes to the governance structure.

Upcoming Changes (also, sorry Phil!)

May 20, 2018 11:30 AM by Kyle McHugh

Hi Phil - I wrote the part about our upcoming governance changes. Sorry if it's not my finest work, but trust me that the changes themselves are comprehensive and very well written. We will have the presentation we shared at the regional conferences posted in the next week or so for all to review, and continue to host conversations in many different venues around these important changes. Hopefully, these upcoming communication efforts will help bring these proposed changes into greater clarity for all (even despite my daily struggles with the  English language ;) )

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