USBG World Class Sponsored by Diageo Crowns 2016 U.S. and Canadian Bartenders of the Year

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2015 World Class Canadian Bartender of the Year Lauren Mote and 2015 World Class U.S. Bartender of the Year Tyson Buhler award 2016 winners Shane Mulvany (Canada) and Andrew Meltzer (U.S.) their Golden Shakers.

After two challenging days of standout mixology showmanship, the United States Bartenders' Guild (USBG) World Class Sponsored by Diageo has named Andrew Meltzer as the 2016 U.S. Bartender of the Year and Shane Mulvany as the 2016 Canadian Bartender of the Year. The acclaimed competition brings together the U.S. and Canada's best bartenders to showcase the craft and elevation of the art of cocktail creation with the ultimate goal of representing their countries at the global competition in Miami this September.


2016 World Class U.S. Bartender of the Year Andrew Meltzer

Andrew Meltzer, demonstrates that passion and determination truly help to achieve goals, as it’s the second year in a row the San Francisco based bartender tried his hand at winning the U.S. title. Known for his utmost hospitality and creativity, Meltzer showcased a skilled and thoughtful approach to the two-day competition, earning his right to represent the US at the Global finals in Miami.

“I’m so excited to be named the U.S. Best Bartender of the Year, it’s something I’ve been working towards for quite some time. This competition has given me so much - excellent knowledge, skills and industry camaraderie that will add such valuable impact to my career. I’m thrilled to represent my country at the Global Finals in Miami and I am thankful that I will have the support of my colleagues behind me, I hope to make them proud!” commented Andrew Meltzer. 


Canada's Shane Mulvany takes homes the Golden Shaker as 2016 World Class Canada Bartender of the Year.

In his fourth year competing, Toronto’s Shane Mulvany took home the top honors for Canada and will also compete in the Global Finals in Miami.

The fifth iteration of the World Class U.S. competition drew in thousands of applicants, with 75 finalists selected to compete regionally. From there, fifteen bartenders advanced to the national competition in Washington D.C. hosted from June 20th to 22nd, to impress and excite judges by drawing unique inspiration from their respective hometowns coupled with their innovative talent. The bartenders demonstrated their knowledge, skill and creativity by crafting cocktails featuring a selection of the Diageo Reserve brands.

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Both the U.S. and Canadian finals were judged by a selection of the world’s leading bar talent including USBG National President David Nepove; 2014 Global winner Charles Joly; past U.S. and Canadian winners Tyson Buhler, Jeff Bell, Ricky Gomez, Lauren Mote and Grant Sceney; acclaimed bartenders and educators including Tony Abou-Ganim, Steve Olson, Julie Reiner, Anu Apte Elford, and Jacques Bezuidenhout; as well as Diageo Masters of Whisky Kyle McHugh and Ewan Morgan.

The two-day competition experience put the bartenders’ skills, senses and agility to the ultimate test with a series of difficult challenges. From crafting eight well-balanced cocktails in ten minutes or less in ‘Cocktails Against the Clock’; to developing palate-pleasing cocktail pairings for two culinary dishes in the ‘Ketel One Tasting Menu’; to drawing inspiration from fresh, seasonal ingredients found at a local market to craft out-of-the-box creations in the ‘Market Basket’; to utterly being surprised by spinning a wheel in the ‘Bartender Roulette’; to finally creating cocktails paying homage to the more than 200 years of Johnnie Walker’s blending heritage in ‘Mastery of the Blend’– the 2016 World Class program allowed each competitor to showcase their hospitality behind the bar, skill sets, and creativity; and this year proved to be one of the best yet.


The winners of each challenge were:

Cocktails Against the Clock

Chris Cardone (U.S.)

Shane Mulvany (Canada)


Ketel One Tasting Menu

Andrew Meltzer (U.S.)

Max Borrowman (Canada)


Market Basket 

Naomi Levy (U.S.)

Jean-Felix Desfossés (Canada)


Bartender Roulette

Egor Polonskiy (U.S.)

Amber Bruce (Canada)


Mastery of the Blend

Kam Mataraci (U.S.)

Chris Enns (Canada)


Congratulations to all the competitors who competed in DC and good luck to the finalists representing U.S. and Canada in the Global Finals in Miami!

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