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The National Elections have begun and it is time to VOTE for your Regional Vice President.





Western RVP Candidate


Reza Esmaili


Our organization will continue to thrive with a concerted effort by experienced veterans and inspired, informed new leaders. During the past four years as RVP, our Western region executed four successful Regional Leadership Conferences. With the support of several chapter officers, we organized workshops and events to offer lessons in engaged leadership, community service and sound business practices. Leadership seminars helped instill the concept of mentorship and it's significance to success within a trade. I was proud to offer the concept of the "President's Pick," wherein each chapter President invited one newer, contributing member to participate in the workshops and absorb the culture of the conference. We also examined the idea that although we engage in service to our guests daily, it's also vital to volunteer "service" to our communities. We employed the concepts of philanthropy and fundraising skills at events that directly benefited our host cities. In an effort to evolve into better business people, we utilized peer-to-peer workshops to explore topics that encompass marketing, legalities, taxation, and financial viability. These lessons relate directly to a successful chapter as well as a business. I hope to help develop more curriculum for our next Regional and National Leadership Conferences in the years to follow.


Southwest RVP Candidate


Kim Haasarud


I am running again for the Southwest Regional VP!  I hope to continue to be a strong voice on the board for both the big and small chapters.  My goal over the next term is in one word - COMMUNICATION!  Continuing to make improvements in opening those lines of communication and develop ways to bring our southwest community closer together.  I'm so honored to have represented the Southwest this past term, as I've gotten to know many of the chapter leaders over the past couple of years.  Hope to keep building on that momentum!



Midwest RVP Candidate


Bobby Dagostino


I have been part of the USBG for almost four years, and I am very grateful that I was introduced to it.  I have learned so much about what is in that glass I push across the bar a couple hundred times a night.  Being in the newspaper industry for 40 years, circulation, advertising, production and workflows, and over 30-years in the bar industry, I can use that knowledge and experience to help other chapters work more efficiently. As Treasurer of the Cleveland chapter, I have streamlined our financial books and reporting so it is not a monumental task each quarter. 


Northeast RVP Candidate


Jonathan Pogash 

jonathan headshot cropped oct 2015.jpg

Were I to be elected to the National USBG Council, I would be serving my third term. You may be asking yourselves why, then, run for a third term?  The answer is plain and simple: there's still work to be done.  I personally feel like the Northeast region could continue to benefit from the ideas and contributions that I bring to the table at National meetings and to our committees and task forces.  During my term, I would attempt to connect larger chapters with the smaller ones, in a chapter to chapter mentorship program.



Southern RVP Candidates 


Star Hodgson


Over the past 8 years with USBG, I have been the USBG NOLA Vice President & President, SRC Co-Chair, National Membership Committee Chair, conference attendee & presenter, and an active community member. These experiences have given me multifaceted perspective in our great organization. As an education major in college and the Spirits Education Curator for MOTAC NOLA, I firmly believe we should all continue to expand our knowledge while inspiring a love of learning in others. While I wouldn't suppose to know exactly what challenges you face as individual chapters, I would make it my priority to support you in finding solutions as unique as your members.


Ingrid Rodriguez


Since 2012, as both a member and Officer of USBG Tampa Bay (USBGTB), working with a hard-core dedicated team, I have turned a small chapter with big dreams into one of the premier chapters in our organization. Throughout the years, I have assisted in the creation, development, and implementation of membership incentives, educational opportunities, and leadership structure (ie: Tampa Tales Initiative & USBGTB Repeal Day Conference).  I believe my unique skillset of hyper-organization, critical thinking, and experience at the National level in other large membership organization can assist USBG Southern Region to expand our blueprint and help chapters in need.




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All candidates are required to follow the communication guidelines of the Board of Directors during the election period; Like Board members, Individual Candidates may not campaign for changes to the organization or comment on current board policy because the Board only takes action as a collective.






Voting is governed by USBG bylaws


Voting will be for a minimum of fifteen (15) days


The names of all candidates for each region will be listed on each ballot and voting will be limited to those candidates contained on the ballot


All USBG members whose membership is up-to-date are entitled to one (1) vote for the candidate(s) in their region


All USBG members will have an opportunity to vote: FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN for each candidate on the ballot in their region


Ten (10) percent of eligible votes are required for a candidate to be elected. In the event that a candidate receives less than ten (10) percent of votes, new elections may be held for that region.





Voting IS OPEN October 24th through November 7th on




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