::: Calling All Recipe Crafters & Writers !! :::

Sága pours Odin a drink in an illustration (1893) by Jenny Nyström.

If you have ever wanted to see your best cocktail recipe(s) printed in a book, the USBG goddesses are smiling on you.

San Francisco's very own Spirits writer and expert Lou Bustamante is collecting the best cocktail recipes, techniques, and tales! This 256-page, highly-visual book will demo step-by-step instructions, recipes, tips, and techniques from USBG bartenders, written with the beginner cocktail enthusiast in mind.

If you have a recipe to contribute, click this link and fill as many fields as you can!!

If your recipe is selected, it will feature your short bartender profile.

Now get crafting, crafters; get writing, writers; get drinking, drinkers!!

These recipes and stories aren't gonna fall out of the sky and onto the page all by themselves!!

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