We Need to Talk (via Pittsburgh City Paper)

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: I came across this news article on pghcitypaper.com featuring one of our influential, passionate, and driven members. Read on to check out how they're moving and shaking! Inspiration: ACTIVATE! Cheers!

We Need to Talk 

by Celine Roberts   |   September 27, 2017   |   PGHCityPaper.com


“There should be someone for everyone to trust and feel comfortable talking to about really sensitive things that happen in the industry.”


rocks_battle_39.jpgCP photo by Kate Hagerty


"Last July, United States Bartenders' Guild Pittsburgh Chapter President Nicole Battle told a powerful story at the 86 Conference, a two-day forum organized by Good Peoples Group and Collected Pgh to address issues of sexism, racism, classism and company culture in the restaurant industry. At the bar where Battle was working, a male bartender had cut off a drunk, unruly patron and removed him. “Everyone thought he was a hero. The managers were like, ‘Way to go!’” says Battle. A week later, the same thing happened to Battle. She cut off a drunk and unruly patron who then began throwing things at her. “I was like, ‘You’re done! Get out,’” says Battle. She says she was pulled aside by managers and told she couldn’t speak to customers like that..."


Read the full story by clicking this link (you will be taken to an external page).

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