What is the USBG Board of Directors?


The Board of Directors, the USBG’s governing body.

Every two years, the National Officers are re-elected. 2016 is their election year. The Regional Vice Presidents, who also serve on the Board of Directors, are re-elected on opposite years. 2017 will be the next RVP election.



The Board of Directors is comprised of nine USBG members.

Currently in Office (and positions up for 2016 Elections):


National President – David Nepove

Vice President – Kyle McHugh

Treasurer – Laura Cullen

Secretary – (currently vacant due to resignation)


Five Regional Vice Presidents (up for election in 2017):


Western – Reza Esmaili

Southwestern – Kim Haasarud

Southern – Paul Johnsen

Midwest – Jason Foust

Northeastern – Jonathan Pogash



Every great organization needs great leaders.

These are the folks with the plans, passion, and priority of envisioning a legacy of USBG greatness.




Our Board members span the corners of the United States, from San Francisco to Chicago and beyond.




As ambassadors volunteering their time and expertise of and for the USBG, this passionate, knowledgeable, motivated crew is available for and in service to the greater good around the clock. The President signs on with a 10-15 hours-per-week expected time commitment; everyone else is expected five - 10 hours per week.


Okay! But why do I care/how does this impact me and my membership?

The Board of Directors is The Ultimate Decider! It makes final decisions on USBG policies, mission, strategies and budgets.


Top 10 Facts about the USBG Board of Directors


1. They represent a diverse background of experiences with varying points of view consisting of bartenders, professional educators, and USBG sponsors, an important quality in leading a large member organization.

2. It acts legally, and only by consensus, at duly constituted and conducted meetings.

3. It is legally bound by (and can amend*), the USBG bylaws, a document with which they must comply.

4. No board member has any more power or authority over another. In order to make decisions there must be a quorum of the board and a majority vote from that quorum.

5. The Board President does not hold more authority over the rest of the Board simply by virtue of title, unless the authority is delegated by the rest of the Board.

6. The Board has legal and ethical duties that can not be delegated to others; it governs the organization (which is different from management of staff).

7. It ensures that the Executive Director’s decisions are in alignment with the overall goals & policies of the USBG, and are also in the best interest of the members.

8. They are available to the Executive Director to advise & counsel.

9. Sharing a goal of building support for the USBG in the wider community, the Board members are strong advocates for the USBG and its mission.

10. They make recommendations for program development that support the USBG’s work.




*The Chapter Councils have an opportunity to comment prior to any bylaw amendments.


To have a more in-depth look at the Board of Directors and the Organizational Culture of the USBG in a short slides presentation format (five minutes), check out the USBG Leadership Prerequisites by clicking here.



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