World Class Regional Finalist Announcement!

We are honored to share the finalist that will be representing each of the five regions and look forward to a very competitive competition! We want to thank everyone for the submissions and the time and thought that went into them. 

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Western Finalists: 

Andrew Meltzer, Brad Fry, Brian Means, Christina Russo, Chris Burmeister, Doug Bedford, Evan Charest, George Fournier, Jason Seele, Jorge Vargas-Baquedano, Joshua Hunt, Justin Park, Karina Martinez, Nathan Laird and Nonna Titulauri.

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Southwest Finalists:

Aaron DeFeo, Arianne Prina King, Dylan Ricker, Jason Snopkoski, Joel Klickman, Joshua Tallent, Justin Ware, Kam Mataraci, Ky Belk, Mariano Gil, Nathan Reffell, Nicolas Lazzareschi, Robert Kramer, Steve Walton, and Tyler Dunn.

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Midwest Finalists:

Andrew Knecht, Brian Brissart, David Cole Martinez, Devon Boyll, Dustin Nguyen, Egor Polonskiy, Elizabeth Cosby, Giancarlo Aversa, Jill Cockson, Joshua Gonzales, Madison Johnson, Michael Toscano, Michael Goff, Ryan Puckett, and Ryan Wilkins.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.30.45 AM.png

Northeast Finalists:

Amanda Elder, Chris Cardone, Dimitrios Zahariadis, Donny Clutterbuck, Naomi Levy, Fernando Sousa, George Santel, Jason Swaringen, Jeremy Wetmore, Lacy Hawkins, Laura Newman, Lucas Felak, Mauricio Isaza, Melinda Johnson, and Zac Lasher.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.30.56 AM.png

Southern Finalists:

Andrew Izrael, Blake Jones, Brad Coburn, Carlos Morales, Teddy Nixon, Eric Bennett, Erin Davey, Ford Roberts, Joshua Gates, Julian Miller, Megan Deschaine, Nic Wallace, Rochelle Jones, Steven Yamada, and Zach Lynch.

Congrats and Good Luck to all the Finalists!

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