Rosé Wines For Spring & Summer

Cocktails may be the thing that you sling, but in a group of drinkers there’s always that one picky wine drinker. Spring has arrived and summer is quickly approaching, so it’s time for rosé. Who doesn’t love to rosé all day?


Here are a few rosés that should be on your radar to have at your bar.


Pink Party with Bubbles

Most people have heard of the Fat Jewish aka Josh Ostrovsky due to his big following on Instagram. A few years ago, he came out with, White Girl Rosé, which was a nod to millennials in the Hamptons sipping rosé. He recently added Pink Party Rosé to his line of wines and it’s surprisingly rather good despite the kitsch that comes along with it. It’s basically a light bubbly wine from Lodi, CA, perfect for sipping and pairing with meals.


La Vieille Ferme Rosé

This rosé is an affordable and quite enjoyable French table wine. It's produced in the Rhône region by the acclaimed Perrin Family. If you are looking for a good wine for happy hour specials this is a good one. The rosé is light and balanced on the palate with aromas of white flowers, cherries, and fruit. It’s a great girl’s night out wine.


Gruet Rosé Brut

So many people overlook this sparkling wine house, maybe because they’re in New Mexico. The French inspired winery makes lovely bottles of bubbles. Their 100% Pinot Noir full-bodied rosé is packed with fruity flavors. It’s made in the Champagne method so if someone has big bubbles dreams, but are on a budget, this wine is perfect. When it comes to pairing, it goes great with steak, burgers, salmon, truffle mac and cheese, and so much more.


Bridge Lane

Bridge Lane is a part of the Lieb Winery family located in Long Island. Known for their rosé wine in a box, this year they are releasing it in a can. It’s a Cabernet-Franc-based wine with notes of peaches and berries. The can holds ½ bottle of wine. Bridge Lane’s canned wines will probably be as big as their boxed wines. Wine in a can is the wine trend that can’t seem to be ignored, so having a good option will make your customers very happy campers.


Mirabeau Pure Rosé

If you are looking for a high-end rosé in a can, look no further than Mirabeau. This winery is known for their award winning rosés from Provence. Their Pure Rosé is going to be available in a can for the first time. It’s a wine that is meant to go with food so it’s versatile when it comes to pairings. Goes great with grilled meat, salads, Chinese food, and vegetarian options.




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