MA Program

150px-USBGMasterAccreditationUSBG Master Accreditation Program is more than a bunch of recipe classes. It’s an internationally recognized achievement that sets you apart from the herd.

We offer three levels of certification within our Master Accreditation Program (MA Program):

Study at your own pace or along with your USBG chapter– we’ve got USBG Board-approved multimedia courseware and educational resources. Each level of certification is earned by completing a written and/or practical exam exploring your knowledge of spirits, beer, wine, sake, responsible service and more. USBG members in good standing enjoy a discounted rate on certification.







Level 1: USBG Spirits Professional

75px-USBG-SpiritsProfessionalPrerequisites: None
The Spirits Professional exam is administered in a written or an online format. The 100-question exam requires a comprehensive knowledge of spirits, beer, wine, sake, responsible service and more.


Level 2: USBG Advanced Bartender

75px-USBG-AdvancedBartenderPrerequisites: Member has successfully completed the USBG Spirits Professional certification.
The Advanced Bartender exam features a 100-question written exam and a practical exam. Both components will extensively test understanding of bar professionalism; knowledge of bar management; and execution of classic and modern cocktails.


Level 3: USBG Master Mixologist

75px-USBG_MasterMixologistPrerequisite: Member has successfully completed the USBG Spirits Professional and the USBG Advanced Bartender exams.
The Master Mixologist certification is achieved by submitting a thesis to the Master Accreditation board on a relevant bar industry topic. Thesis topics must be approved by the MA board, and students will defend their thesis and complete a practical exam before the MA board. Master Mixologist status is reserved for professionals at the top of the bar industry for knowledge and skill.


Pricing & Administration:

USBG Member


Level 1 $150 first/$95 subsequent $300 per attempt
Level 2 $300 ($150 written/$150 practical) $600 ($300 written/$300 practical)
Level 3 $395 $600

How to take an Online Master Accreditation Exam…

All current members can take the exam by logging onto the testing portal at  Please click on the Customer Portal in the upper right corner.  The Company Id is USBG.   Your personal login credentials were sent to you with your membership confirmation email. If you have forgotten this login, please click Forgot Password and enter the email address associated with your USBG Account.  Your login information will be emailed to you.


Once logged in, your available exam will be waiting for you to take under the banner Online Master Accreditation Exam – Test Now!   Once you have purchased the exam you can take it at any time.  However, once you begin, you will have to take the entire exam.  It is recommended to take this exam on a wired computer to avoid any interruption of wireless service.


The online exams consist of 100 multiple choice questions.  You will have 28 seconds to read the question and make your selection.  If no selection is given, this question will be marked incorrect.  There is a timer which will help you keep track of your time.  You must achieve a 75% or higher to pass.  Your exam will be scored immediately and your score will be displayed upon completion.  We will process the transaction and assign the next test and email you once this has been done.


If you have any questions or are not a current member, please use the form on the Contact Us Page and send your questions to Master Accreditation Inquiries.


The USBG Study Guide…

Better known as The Beverage & Bartending Compendium, our Study Guide is an epic group effort of our very own USBG members and the worlds’ foremost authorities in specific topics pertaining to the beverage and hospitality industry. Never before have this many experts coming from 4 generations worked together to create a compendium capable to tie in tradition and contemporary practices.


What’s Coming Soon…

Approved Educator Program


Individual applicants who have successfully tested as USBG ADVANCED BARTENDER or USBG MASTER MIXOLOGIST may complete our Approved MA Educator Application and share his/her knowledge to educate future test takers.  We will not approve schools or groups of educators; each educator must apply individually each calendar year.  If a school has an approved educator only that individual may teach the MA Program standards.


For more information, please use the form on the Contact Us Page and send your questions to Master Accreditation Inquiries.


The Pinning of our first Masters

Our Board is actively working on The Master Mixologist Practical Thesis guidelines. We have a list of USBG Advanced Bartenders who are anxiously waiting for this testing session to be scheduled.  We are looking forward to pinning our first Masters in 2015.