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Announcing the Top 100 US World Class Bartenders

Marcela Rudershausen
Marcela Rudershausen
September 1, 2023

USBG Presents World Class Sponsored by DIAGEO is scouring the nation to find the 2023 World Class US Bartender of the year!

Over the last few months, hundreds of bartenders from across the nation applied for a chance to earn this prestigious title. In this challenge, competitors were tasked with developing their own take on a Spritz serve. To develop their signature Spritz, they were asked to use a resource on Diageo Bar Academy, such as a Master Class or World Class Studio, to identify an emerging trend that inspired their serve. 

Bartenders also were asked to select one (1) Occasion, Brunch, Pool Day, Aperitivo Hour OR Backyard BBQ to center their signature Spritz serve around. A huge part of cocktail culture is understanding occasions. In fact, as a bartender, one of your biggest challenges is not only developing a tailored cocktail list to complement the cuisine featured at your bar or restaurant's concept but also to understand the drinking occasions of your guests and make complimentary cocktail recommendations. Setting the stage for guests to have not only a fabulous dining experience but a memorable cocktail experience has become a prominent goal when consumers plan a night out on the town. 

Congratulations to the 2023 World Class Top 100 Bartenders!





Sarah Alexander

Chris Allen

Kristin Amron

Maxwell Berlin

Lexy Biller

Juan Carlos Anel Escalona

Heather Biesemeier

Lance Bowman

Michael Aredes

Chad Brown

Garrett Bridwell

BB Barna

Cassidy Burns

Liz Dabecco

Shannon Beck

Alok Chaugule

Collin Diedrich

Dalton  Bedard

Maggie Dale

Kyle DuPree

Nicholas Capanna

Troy Del Grosso

Noah Eagan-Rowe

Connor Clifford

Dominick Demartino

Lucas Enders

Hunter Douglas

Austin Emmert

Elliott Ernst

Cody Dunavan

Michael Guzman

Trey Fincher III

Jason Gonsalves

Vance Haywood

Nat Froikin

Peter Hannah

Kenneth Hwong

Danny Gentry

Kevin Hoagland

Colin Jensen

Erin Gesell

Jarrett Holborough

Steph Krawczyk

Jose Gonzalez

Baylee Hopings

Tina Lam

Caden Gracia

Camille Ko

Derrick Li

Makenzie Helem

Damian Langarcia

Eric Lopez

Logan Helton

Jon Mateer

Diego Marrero

James Hodge

Sean Meehan

Spud Moyer

James Hoppes

Christina Mercado

Sam Penton

Michael Lindgren

Bobby Mercier

Matt Pladgeman

J Rosser Lomax

Shawn Newman

Johnny Reyes

Chris Marek

Joe Oddo

Mark Sassi

Rachel McQuitty

Maraina Raimer

Justin Sheffey

Amber Milner

Jenna Reynolds

Aaron Siak

Cesar Perez II

Nat Sixtos

Kerrigan Sneve

Nathan Satterfield

Jason Smith

Jonathan Stanyard

Doug Spradley

Alex Taylor

Inga Tantsalidchai

Tobias Steeves

Renato Tonelli

Jeff Terry

Heather Storms

Mike Vander Horn

Wilson Trang

Sarah Syman

Winter Voss

Charles Voth

Chandler Vanous

Jeff White

Marie Yoshimizu

Becky Rose Wesnidge

Meghan Wright


Steve Yang

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