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Announcing the Torres Brandy National Final Winner

Lisa McMillan
Lisa McMillan
February 13, 2024

Congratulations to Loni Lewis!

In a groundbreaking event that champions sustainability in mixology, the Torres Brandy Zero Challenge, a Program of the USBG, has crowned its National Final winner. The competition, which called upon bar managers and bartenders worldwide to submit sustainable bar initiatives, aims to promote a new mindset in mixology that prioritizes the environment. After an anonymous application selection process, the top four National Finalists converged in New York City on February 5th, 2024, to vie for the coveted title.

Loni LewisThe Torres Brandy Zero Challenge is the first international competition of its kind, presenting an award to the world's most sustainable cocktail bar project. This initiative not only recognizes excellence in mixology but also underscores the importance of environmental consciousness within the industry.

Amongst the finalists, Loni Lewis emerged victorious, earning the esteemed title of Torres Brandy Zero Challenge National Final winner. Loni's innovative and sustainable bar initiative captured the attention of judges, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship and creativity in cocktail culture. As the winner of the National Final, Loni Lewis will now advance to compete in the Torres Brandy Zero Challenge International Final, scheduled for March 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

This victory is a testament to Loni's dedication to sustainability and the advancement of eco-friendly practices within the mixology community. By championing environmentally conscious initiatives, Loni Lewis exemplifies the spirit of innovation and responsibility that defines the Torres Brandy Zero Challenge.

Let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to Loni Lewis for this remarkable achievement. As Loni prepares to represent the nation on the global stage, we applaud her commitment to sustainable mixology and wish her the best of luck in the upcoming Torres Brandy Zero Challenge International Final. Here's to a future of eco-friendly cocktails and a thriving, sustainable industry. Cheers!

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