Ignite Change: Join the Search for Visionary Leaders on the USBG National Board!

Aaron Gregory Smith
Aaron Gregory Smith
August 8, 2023



Hello Members!

Fantastic news from the USBG Nominating Committee! ?

They're thrilled to kick off the hunt for incredible candidates to join the National Board. Every year, the USBG members get to choose fresh Directors for the National Board of Directors through elections. The spotlight is now on finding these exceptional candidates through an exciting application and vetting journey.

So, what's the game plan? Well, it all starts with a deep dive into the Board's current superpowers and comparing these with the skills needed to make the USBG’s Strategic Plan a reality. This time around, the Nominating Committee is on the lookout for candidates who are wizards in collaborative partnerships, training & workforce development, finance, or legislative advocacy. Talk about a dynamic mix!

But that's not all – the Nominating Committee isn't just stopping at expertise. They're also diving into various aspects of who these candidates are, both professionally and personally. The Board of Directors already rocks a balanced blend of industry sectors, leadership levels, business sizes, and geographical spread. They've got their finger on the pulse when it comes to regional balance, beverage alcohol state regulations, and USBG chapter sizes, too.

Switching gears to personal stuff, the current Board already boasts a harmonious mix when it comes to gender, generation, sexual orientation, languages spoken, relationship statuses, and even being super moms or dads. While the organization isn't currently gathering info on educational achievements, social class, or disability status, the Board and Nominating Committee are super keen to up the ante in the diversity game.

The Nominating Committee is seriously considering rockstars who bring more cultural and ancestral richness to the table compared to the current Board - even scouting for awesome candidates from families who've journeyed to the US in the current or recent generations. This is all about creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and enriching Board that truly represents the unique tapestry of our industry and the country.

Ready to join the USBG's journey to an even brighter future? Keep an eye out as the Nominating Committee works its magic to build a board that's as diverse as it is dynamic! ?

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