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LEAD Online Seminar Good Witch/Bad Witch: The Fairy Tales of Hospitality

Tiffany Soles
Tiffany Soles
June 4, 2024
Good Witch Bad Witch
Online Seminar: Good Witch/Bad Witch: The Fairy Tales of Hospitality
Thursday, June 20 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern


Witches, Beasts, and . . .Hospitality??? Fairy Tales have been used for hundreds of years to teach young and old alike about the right way to treat guests. In this seminar, Matt Ray will dive into important cultural stories that exalt hospitality and lay the foundation for the guest/host relationship. 

About The Presenter:

Matt Ray


Matt Ray is one of the Experience Team Leads of the Sazerac House, an interactive cocktail museum located in downtown New Orleans.

Matt has worked in hospitality for over twenty years, from Walt Disney World to James Beard winner, “Cure”. He left the industry at one point to teach English and history at the high school level but returned to the hospitality industry with his education experience in tow. Matt holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching and still loves education, as evidenced by the multiple industry certifications he’s earned and trainings he’s participated in.

He is on the board of directors for USBG New Orleans.

Follow Matt @itsmemattray 

To learn more and register, click HERE. Registration is free for current USBG Members and $29.99 for Non-Members.

Thank you to the USBG Education Committee for your hard work coordinating this seminar!

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