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LEAD Online Seminar: Leadership in Hospitality Management

Tiffany Soles
Tiffany Soles
May 7, 2024
LEAD May seminar
Online Seminar: Leadership in Hospitality Management
Thursday, May 16 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern


Join Robert Martinez, President of the USBG Los Angeles Chapter, for an insightful seminar on mastering the art of leadership in hospitality management. Discover the inner workings of the social machine, understand its key components, and gain valuable insights on effective troubleshooting techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership skills and take charge of your personal journey! 

About The Panelists:

Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez

Robert’s mission in life is to build communities and families through mentorship, leadership, and support. He embodies these ideas by participating in local government, standing up for disenfranchised folks, helping the homeless, lifting his community through education, and working towards a sustainable future. 

Robert is a graduate of UC-Davis with a degree in Political Science and has married his love of public service and hospitality by getting involved in local government. In addition to serving as President for the USBG Los Angeles Chapter, he is also a member of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. 

An LA Native, Robert loves to celebrate Los Angeles’ diversity through its food and drinking culture. In his free time, Robert likes practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, bicycling, cooking, and indulging in general Sci-Fi. He also enjoys getting tattooed and hopes to one day have enough to be mistaken for a chef. 



To learn more and register, click HERE. Registration is free for current USBG Members and $29.99 for Non-Members.

Thank you to the USBG Education Committee for your hard work coordinating this seminar! 

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