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LEAD Online Seminar: Make It Happen

Tiffany Soles
Tiffany Soles
July 3, 2024
Make it Happen
Online Seminar: Make it Happen
Thursday, July 18 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern


You’ve fallen in love with a new brand, are excited about an idea from a conference seminar, or want to add the latest great Malört cocktail to your menu. Perhaps you’re seeking local support for your USBG chapter or want to see your workplace adopt staff training to promote and support bystander intervention. How do you effectively advocate to bring these things to your bar or workplace? During this interactive session, Haleigh Harrold and Darian Everding of SAFE Bar Network will highlight persuasive argument techniques to enroll your decision makers, coworkers, and supporters to believe in your ideas and buy into your pitch. 

About The Presenters:

Haleigh Harrold

Haleigh Harrold is a nonprofit leader with over 10 years of experience working closely with diverse communities to shift social norms with the goal of increasing safety and preventing harm. Haleigh has partnered with middle schools, high schools, and community groups to build active bystander skills and work to create social norms around checking in to help others. While she has seen programs succeed at helping people build individual skills, it wasn’t until Haleigh started working with alcohol-serving venues that she finally saw programming successfully shift social norms to encourage people to use active bystander skills to increase safety. At that point, Haleigh became all in on partnering with the teams of alcohol-serving venues to increase safety.


Darian Everding

Darian Everding (she/they) is a queer, neurodivergent collector of stories, and an enthusiastic spirits professional. She loves absinthe cocktails, getting nerdy about botanicals, and cute animals! Darian currently bartends at London Underground, a British-themed pub and community space in Ames, Iowa. You’ll often find her there making cocktails, curating Queer spaces and events, and sharing stories of women in whiskey. As the Business Development Representative, Darian also works with the nonprofit organization SAFE Bar Network to bring accessible bystander intervention culture and training to bar programs across the United States.


To learn more and register, click HERE. Registration is free for current USBG Members and $29.99 for Non-Members.

Thank you to the USBG Education Committee for your hard work coordinating this seminar!

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