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Raise A Glass To The Revival Of Cocktail Culture

Michelle Turner
June 6, 2024

Raise A Glass To The Revival Of Cocktail Culture

A sponsored message from our partners at Rittenhouse Rye

There’s something special about a comeback story, wouldn’t you agree? At the turn of the century, after craft cocktails had fallen out of favor for years, esteemed bartenders were ready to reach for new inspiration. Enter Rittenhouse Rye. With a story that’s deeply woven into the revival of the modern cocktail, we’re raising our glasses to the magic and meticulousness of our shared passion: an incredible Rye cocktail.


The Rye Behind The Revival

Before the modern mixology boom, Rye was difficult to find across the country's back bars. That all changed in the early 2000s, when big city bartenders started reaching for recipes from the past, and rediscovered Rye's role as a staple in many cocktails. As one of only two "pre-Prohibition" style Ryes available at the time, Rittenhouse was poised to catch the eye of these high profile bartenders looking to stir up forgotten classics. With its bold spice, unwavering flavor, and rich heritage as one of the first Bottled-in-Bond Rye Whiskies, it became a fixture of the cocktail resurgence: used in everything from Old Pals to Manhattans, as well as inspired new creations.


Beloved On The Back Bar

This movement wasn't just about bringing back old recipes; it was about igniting creativity and excitement around cocktail innovation, like Christine Wiseman’s tropical Prickly Paw or Joaquin Simo’s Carroll Gardens (a nod to Enzo Errico’s original Red Hook). Rittenhouse Rye, with its robust flavor profile and 100-Proof base, became a blank canvas for experimentation.


"There’s so much love and thought already put into producing Rittenhouse, so I want to be able to showcase it in a unique way with my own personal twist. I love when a Rye Whisky stands up in a cocktail and all of the flavors blend together as one, letting it truly shine!"
— Christine Wiseman, Award-Winning Beverage Director


It’s this spirit of exploration and dedication from the industry's best—yes, we’re looking at you—that continues to inspire new creations with Rittenhouse. You're the ones pushing the envelope, crafting unforgettable experiences for your patrons, and redefining what a Rye cocktail can be.


Cocktail Creatively Sweepstakes

Whether you’re working behind the bar or kicking back off the clock, inspiration can strike at any moment. That’s why Rittenhouse believes it’s important to always have some top-of-the-line gear to play around with—and they’re giving some away as part of their #CocktailCreativelySweepstakes this summer!


The catch? There really isn’t one. Just follow them on Instagram @RittenhouseRye, tag three of your friends, and you could win some tools from Cocktail Kingdom to inspire new Rittenhouse Rye creations. 


Looking for Inspiration?

Keep stirring your imagination! Head over to to hear from industry experts and search their treasure trove of cocktail recipes, from classic to contemporary, to inspire your next Rye creation. Cheers!



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