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From Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Michelle Turner
June 11, 2024

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey launches first-of-its-kind industry mentorship program, Raise the Bar

From June 3, 2024 through September 5, 2024, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey will be accepting applications for the inaugural cohort of its Raise the Bar Mentorship Alliance.

The mission of the program is to create a vibrant community alliance that bridges the gap between seasoned industry leaders and emerging talent, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Meet the Mentors

We are thrilled to be working with an incredible group of inaugural mentors to help bring the vision of this project to life! Learn more about them here.


Anu Apte


Tiffanie Barriere

Kate Boushel

Kate Boushel


Chris Cabrera


Kate Gerwin



Miguel Lancha

Ivy Mix

Ivy Mix  


Jon Santer


Eddie Simeon



Karl W

Karl Franz Williams


Inspired by the legacy of Uncle Nearest’s namesake, Nearest Green, Raise the Bar is committed to preserving and evolving the tradition of hands-on education and mentorship that has always been at the heart of our industry. This new initiative not only offers an invaluable learning opportunity for aspiring bartenders, but also invests in the training and tools necessary to empower mentors, ensuring they can make a profound impact during their time with mentees.

The program aims to enhance personal effectiveness, set specific professional development goals, and guide participants towards completing a defined project or area of research centered around one of eight main focus areas.



At the completion of each cohort’s session, two mentees whose projects are determined to have the highest potential to positively impact the industry will be awarded a $10,000 grant to continue pursuing their area of focus.

This program is sure to be a game changer for our industry! You can find out more and apply to be a mentee at today.

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