Education Week

Experience Enrichment: USBG National Education Week

Welcome to the gateway of knowledge, growth, and hands-on experience: USBG National Education Week. This impactful initiative, championed by the USBG National Education Committee, shines a spotlight on the wealth of educational opportunities our chapters orchestrate nationwide. Whether you're a seasoned bartender or a budding enthusiast, National Education Week offers a platform to expand your horizons and refine your craft.

National Education Week is an avenue to showcase the educational prowess of our chapters spanning the country. Fueled by the commitment of the USBG National Education Committee, this week-long celebration comprises three enlightening seminars and a hands-on educational lab, aligning with the guidance of the Chapter Operations (ChOps) Manual.

Mark Your Calendar: EdWeek 2024!

This year, USBG National Education Week took place October 8th to the 14th. Participants benefited from a range of knowledge-enhancing experiences. Keep an eye our for EdWeek 2024 dates so you can plan to elevate your bartending journey alongside your local chapter.

A Chapter-Crafted Journey

The magic of National Education Week comes alive through the efforts of each participating USBG chapter. Every local chapter tailors their events to suit the unique needs of their community. To join the educational extravaganza, simply connect with your local chapter leadership to discover the venues and dates of the enlightening events in your area.

Your Role in the Movement

Be an integral part of this enriching journey by reaching out to your local chapter leadership. They will guide you on how you can contribute to this impactful initiative. In each chapter, a dedicated USBG National Education Week Chapter Lead takes the helm, serving as the vital bridge between the chapter and the National Education Committee.

Get ready to be inspired, educated, and connected during USBG National Education Week!

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